Centro Cultura per la Prevenzione - V.le D’Annunzio 15 - Milano
AIFOS, Ambiente e Lavoro, Assoprev, EWHN
Work Related Stress: How to prevent, assess, and tackle the risk at European scale

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Graziano Frigeri, Secretary of EWHN – President of Assoprev (I) Activities and role of EWHN on work related stress, including the European Campaign

Speakers and topics
Michael Guembel, Beratungsstelle Arbeit und Gesundheit, Hamburg (D) Good practice in risk assessment and developing measures against work related stress in Germany

Kathy Jenkins, Secretary of the Scottish Hazards Centre, Edinburgh (Scotland) Activity around stress in Scotland and UK: what unions are doing, what the Hazards Campaign and UK National Workstress Network are doing and what is going on among OH&S professionals

Anna Guardavilla, Jurist, Assoprev, Milano (I) Legal fighting against work related stress in Italy: recent judgements of the Italian Courts

Carlo Bisio, organisational psychologist, ergonomist, Associazione Ambiente e Lavoro, Milano (I) Work-related stress risk assessment: best practices

Klaas Zwart, President of Stichting Netwerk, Oostvoorne (NL) The offensive approach to work related stress of Dutch Trade Union movement.

Marco Bottazzi, European Trade Union Institute, Bruxelles (B) The European ETUI Network on Psychosocial Risk

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