A conclusione della Campagna Europea 2018-2019 "Ambienti di lavoro sani e sicuri" che ha affrontato il tema del rischio chmico proponiamo alcune relazioni presentate al Summit di Bilbao del 12-13 novembre 2019

Session 1 - Carcinogens at work

Guidance for National Labour Inspectors (NLIs) on addressing health risks from Welding Fume
Darren Arkins, Senior Inspector, Health & Safety Authority, Ireland.

Handling hazardous drugs in the health care environment tools and guidance by INSST
Nuria Jiménez National Institute of Health and Safety in Spain

Substitution of hazardous disinfectants in Viennese public services by using the WIDES database (www.wides.at/en)
Marion Jaros, Vienna Ombuds Office for Environmental Protection & Manfred Klade, Engineering Office Klade

Session 2 - Good Practices and Interventions

How can we effectively communicate to workers about dangerous substances?
Emília Telo, MSc , PhD, EU OSHA Portugal

How do we get enterprises to substitute the dangerous for the less dangerous?
Raluca Stepa, National OSH Institute Romania INCDPM “Alexandru Darabont"

Session 3 - Sustainable management and substitution of DS

Sustainable Management of Dangerous Substances in the Industrial Gas Industry
Christina Matthes, Industrial Hygiene EA, Air Products
Erika Ustailieva, International Business Developer, Cosanta

Session 4 - Main Challenges for Effective Prevention

Impact of regulatory actions on substance registrations under REACH
Fesil Mushtaq, ECHA Unit B4 Exposure and Supply Chain

Development of exposures at European work places in the past 10 years and prospects for the future
Ioannis Basinas, Senior Scientist Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM), UK

Efficient Practices of Prevention in the German Chemical Industry Today and Tomorrow
Stefan Engel, BASF SE on behalf of the VCI Working Group Industrial Hygiene